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Brain Products dedicates itself to the research and understanding of the human brain and nervous system. The focus on positively impacting neuroscience made Brain Products the worldwide leading manufacturer of hard and software solutions for neurophysiological research.
Our solutions cover the fields of: ERP, BCI, EEG/fMRI, EEG/TMS, as well as sports, sleep, behavioural sciences and similar disciplines. Since for us at Brain Products a solution is only a solution if it covers all the researcher´s needs we also provide caps, sensors, easily integrated stimulation software and much more.
Cedrus is a small company located in San Pedro, California, that takes delight in developing software and hardware for the psychology and psychophysiology research community. Founded by Hisham Abboud, our first product was SuperLab, launched initially for the Mac in 1992, followed by the Windows version in 1996. Customer requests led us to build our first response pad in 1993, followed by the Lumina fMRI-compatible model in 2001. SV-1 voice key was introduced in 2002. Increased demand for synchronization of stimulus presentation, EEG, and eye trackers led us to develop StimTracker.Website
EASYCAP supplies EEG Recording Caps of any layout and any channel number for research applications. They can be used with any brand of EEG amplifier. They can be made MEG-compatible, TMS-compatible, MR-compatible. The caps can be supplied also to other companies (B2B). Easycap supplies electrolyte gels and other accessories, e.g. connector adaptors. Easycap supplies a signal generator and impedance meter. Easycap distributes the wireless mobile smartphone- or computer-based EEG amplifier Smarting for mobile EEG, Neuroergonomy, Neuroaesthetics, BCI. Smarting can be coupled with Mangold Video Software for Behavioral Analysis.Website
NIRx Medical Technologies, LLC. is a world-leader in providing integrated solutions for NIRS tomographic imaging. In 1988 they introduced the concept of tomographic imaging in dense scatting media based on diffusely scattered light. NIRx is dedicated to functional near-infrared spectroscopic (fNIRS) neuroimaging / neuroscience.Website
Resonance Technology Company, Inc. is a medical devices manufacture located in the suburban Los Angeles area. Since its inception in 1987, RTC has endeavored to provide the most advanced, high-quality audio and video devices in an effort to make the MRI scanning process safer, more pleasant, and less costly for both Patients and operators.
Over the years, RTC has also played an important role in functional MRI (fMRI) by providing specialized auditory and visual stimulation and response devices to the research community. RTC is committed to providing the best workmanship and service to our customers, while making the cost of our products as reasonable as possible.
VPixx Technologies is a privately held company serving the vision research community by developing innovative hardware and software tools for vision scientists. Founded in 2001 by Peter April, VPixx Technologies has built an international reputation for supplying quality instruments to researchers and teachers in the fields of visual psychophysics, electrophysiology, cognition, and fMRI. Our revolutionary VIEWPixx and DATAPixx graphics and data acquisition systems provide vision scientists with a hardware toolbox implementing high performance video, analog I/O, digital I/O, and audio I/O, all with microsecond synchronization to video refresh. Scientists can integrate the VIEWPixx and DATAPixx into their own ANSI C or MATLAB programs, or take advantage of the high-level VPixx visual testing program.Website
CGX is a San Diego based company specializing in dry EEG technology. Founded by Mike Chi, PhD., the company has distinguished itself as the leader in research-grade, quick set-up dry EEG headsets and peripheral devices.